"I went to bed at about 10PM and I let it run all night without focusing. I blinked through the images and focus did not change. Also, I did all of my other images by letting it run through the night without focusing."

- Mel Helm, Sierra Remote Observatories, 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph owner. 



* Dream Astrograph's are currently the only telescopes in the world that come standard with engineered lightweight mirrors. These are designed, engineered, cast and annealed in-house by Dream Cellular, LLC.

* Dream Astrograph's are currently the only telescopes in the world that come standard with such extensive use of carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core technologies. Dream Telescopes has unsurpassed expertise in the use of these advanced composite technologies specifically for opto-mechanical structures. All composites are produced in-house.

* Dream Astrograph's are fully tested, under the stars, BEFORE they ship out to customers. No other company does such thorough, fully documented and open (available) testing of each instrument before shipping. This page shows typical all-sky performance of a 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph.

* Dream Astrograph's come standard with a custom 4" corrector and 4" electronic focuser. The custom 4" corrector allows the use of a 4" Off-Axis-Guider prior to the filter.


The best performance requires the best materials and designs.

* These carbon fiber telescopes are ready for high quality, corrected imaging. Dream utilizes more carbon fiber in the telescopes than any other company in the world, which is all fabricated in-house. When coupled with sandwich core it offers an ideal material for opto-mechanical systems.

Dream Offers Uncompromising quality.

Why a



* Dream worked with Catseye Collimation to develop custom 3" alignment tools that optimize every aspect of collimation tool use. We have worked hard to reduce out the subjective nature of traditional collimation tools.

*The Dream Astrographs are offered in a unique tube that does not require mounting rings.

Don't recognize M81/M82 to the left? This is less than one full night of data while using a 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph and front-illuminated CCD chip.

Dream Astrographs Have No Focus Shifts.

* Dream's mirror cells, back plates, filter caps, focuser platforms, etc., are made of carbon fiber utilizing sandwich core. The use of carbon fiber in the mirror cells especially has unique advantages over metals. All fasteners are stainless steel.

Each Instrument Holds Collimation Across The Entire Sky.

* Advanced composite materials (carbon fiber and sandwich core technology) are fabricated in-house using vacuum bagging, as well as other more complex techniques and equipment. High temperature epoxies are used in all parts and cooked in one of Dream's two ovens. Materials are chosen to minimize or eliminate focus shift during temperature changes. Materials and fiber orientations are designed to minimize flexure and mass.
* Exterior composite parts: gloss white.

* Focal plane optical quality: if you are collimated, you will never be optics-limited. Download some of these wide field images to see for yourself.
  * Dream is an authorized distributor of Astrodon filters. Contact Dream to learn why these specific filters match the Dream Astrographs.

2010: The engineered Dream Cellular, LLC 24" lightweight mirror - 28 pounds.

* Interior parts: flat black.
* Policies & Warranty.

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NEAF 2006 in Suffern, NY 


"Hi Shane,
Thanks for the (Dream Astrograph) manual. I think it is the best treatment of focusing and collimation I have seen. Very practical and real world. Your descriptions include every small step and never assume the reader knows any of them. It's not often that I see a manual this good. Your up there with Tektronix and RCA broadcast equipment."
August, 2008





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