"I went to bed at about 10PM and I let it run all night without focusing. I blinked through the images and focus did not change. Also, I did all of my other images by letting it run through the night without focusing."

- Mel Helm, Sierra Remote Observatories, 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph owner. 

Dream Astrographs - Corrected Newtonian Astrographs




* Both mirrors are highly engineered, lightweight Dream zeroDELTAmirrors.
***- Mirror seeing and tube currents are eliminated.
***- Extremely short thermal time constant.
***- Exceptionally good at following ambient temperature changes.
***- Provides truly cutting-edge thermal performance for the telescope.
***- 3-6 times lower mass mirrors than traditional technology.
***- Far less flexure in the mirror mounts and telescope structure.
* Extensive use of Dream's carbon fiber and CF skinned sandwich core.
***- The highest stiffness, lowest mass structures on the market.
***- 95% of the structure weight (everything except the optics) is carbon fiber and only
******5% are traditional metals. Other manufacturers use 5-10% CF and 90-95%
******high CTE, inexpensive aluminum in their "carbon fiber telescopes."
***- Backplates, mirror mounts, etc., are Dream's engineered carbon fiber, which
******produces the athermal telescope performance - no focus shifts over at
******least a 20°F delta (change) in ambient temperature, as proven by
******15 years of testing at f3.75.
***- Because Dream's mirror mounts closely match the CTE of the zeroDELTA
******lightweight mirrors, the optical surfaces are distorted far less than
******aluminum mirror mounts.
***- Because Dream's carbon fiber is so stiff, it offers the highest telescope
******performance of any manufacturer.
***- High temperature epoxy used in all parts, cooked in one of Dream's ovens.
***- Materials are chosen to eliminate focus shift during temperature changes.
***- Materials and fiber orientations are designed to minimize flexure and mass.
* Includes FAST: Filtered Air System Technology.
***- Equalizes the mirrors and interior.
***- Keeps optics and interior clean for extended periods of time.
***- Maintain higher reflectivity longer, requires fewer cleanings and therefore
******extends the useful life of the coating.
* 4" engineered Dream focuser - offers the highest stiffness for modern, heavy
***imaging trains.
* 4" coma corrector with extended back focus that allows the use of a
***4" Off-Axis-Guider.
* Includes a 3-piece collimation tool set, protective case and the most detailed
***and easy to follow instructions for optical alignment on the market. 
* Real-world full testing that is done under the stars, BEFORE they ship to
***customers. No other company does such thorough, fully documented and
***open (available) testing of each instrument before shipping. This page
***shows typical all-sky performance of a 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph.
* Each telescope has the highest all-sky mechanical stiffness & total
***performance possible.
* Focal plane optical quality: if you are collimated and focused, you will ***
***never be optics-limited. Download raw images to see for yourself.
* Policies & Warranty.




High Performance Doesn't Fear Change. It Defies The Status Quo.

Dream has unsurpassed expertise in the use of advanced composite technologies specifically for high stiffness, high performance opto-mechanical structures.

All composites and all lightweight mirrors are produced inside Dream's 7000 square foot dedicated facility located in Nazareth, PA. Schedule a visit to see and experience these unusually high performing products and materials in person.

Carbon fiber structures for zero-expansion mirrors.

  "Thanks for the (Dream Astrograph) manual. I think it is the best treatment of focusing and collimation I have seen. Very practical and real world. Your descriptions include every small step and never assume the reader knows any of them. It's not often that I see a manual this good." -*Dreamecustomer8888888





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