Test out of another 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph - Filter Air System Technology (FAST)

All images on this page were taken at the same focus position, even though they were acquired over four different nights and a temperature change of 20F during that time. Dream has been producing high performance, consistent advanced composite parts in-house since 2003. The CCD used is a KAI-11002 chip: 9 microns square, 4008 x 2672 (42mm diagonal).
Collimation of this and all of the Dream Astrograph telescopes is achieved by using the custom tools during the day and only once. Collimation was accomplished on the first day, then it was not touched again (it would change the focus on this type of fast telescope anyway).
"Achieving superb performance is a goal, but achieving that same high level of performance as the instrument moves around and as temperature changes, is the ultimate goal." lightweight precision optical mirror Shane Santi - Dream Founder & President
2124: zenith, OTA on east side of mount.
2127: North field, near meridian, M108 field.
2129: M81/82 field, NW.
2130: meridian flip. Arturus field, SW.
2132: Spica field, low SSE.
2136: Caldwell 26 galaxy, close to zenith. OTA on other side compared to 2124.
2137: M13 field, low ENE.
2138: NNE field.
2139: meridian flip. M105 field in SW

The FITS files below illustrate all-sky performance after adding 5 and then 10 additional pounds to the back of the CCD camera.

Above image shows 10 pounds added to the CCD camera, quite a distance from telescope tube.

5 pounds added to back of camera:
2150: zenith.
2153: meridian flip. Spica field, SSW.
2156: meridian flip, M13 field, ENE.
2158: zenith, but OTA now opposite side.
2161: NNE, fairly low.
2166: meridian flip, fairly due west.
2170: M66 field, SSE.
2173: meridian flip. M81/82 field, NNE.
2174: meridian flip. Zenith again (start).

10 pounds added to back of camera:
2178: zenith, same position as 2174.
2181: almost due west, fairly low.
2188: meridian flip. M61, SSE.
2190: North, along meridian.
2191: meridian flip. M92, NE field.
2194: North field. M81/82.
2196: meridian flip, Vega star field, ENE.
2145: control image. Same night. No mass added.

16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph


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