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Dream is an advanced composites company that specializes in the design, engineering (including FEA) and fabrication of products using carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core technology for demanding opto-mechanical applications. These products are produced in-house and cooked in one of Dream's ovens.

Specific raw goods can be chosen for high modulus, high strength or both. As well as tailored CTE's. Dream works with a great many types of raw fibers and sandwich cores.

Dream's products can be as much as 25% the mass of other products. Yet they have an extremely low CTE, are corrosion resistant and have a higher stiffness and strength to weight ratio.

Dream services: Government, Universities, Schools, Professionals and Advanced Amateurs, as well as wholesale (OEM) orders for world-wide customers. Dream is currently registered with DOD & DOE customers, as well as sam.gov.



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