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Dream's carbon fiber & carbon fiber skinned sandwich core components and structures for a 25" Cassegrain telescope that uses solid ULE mirrors.


Telescope without optics. One of the two flat mounting areas for the telescope tube can be seen. These are carbon fiber, not metal.

Dream's SolidWorks CAD model of the telescope with the customer's ULE solid mirrors installed.




Close up of backplate showing custom insert pattern for customer's requirements. Stainless steel inserts are made in-house.

4-vane spider assembly with low-profile M2 focus using wide-footprint stainless steel linear bearings for superior stiffness, maintaining tighter optical alignment tolerances. Linear actuator stalls at 95lbs of force and moves at 1.25µm for each full step.

Dream is the only company in the world that uses engineered carbon fiber so extensively in the structures - averaging 95% carbon fiber and only 5% metals for the weight of the structures. Other companies say "carbon fiber telescope" but they average 5-10% carbon fiber and 90-95% traditional metals, most of that being inexpensive, high CTE aluminum. Ask questions to understand what it is that you are actually getting.

Don't accept the excuse that this level of performance isn't needed. If it isn't, then why is Dream the only company that publishes raw, all-sky test images taken on an EQ mount (far more demanding than alt/az tests), showing that Dream's athermal telescopes don't need to adjust focus to "correct" for mechanical and thermal errors. Dream has always shown full-frame, raw images.

Dream's carbon fiber is ideal for use with not only Dream's engineered, lightweight mirrors but is also superb when used with zero-expansion mirror materials like; Astro-Sittal, Clear-Ceram, fused silica, ULE, Zerodur, etc.

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