Pull out strength of Dream's stainless steel insert from Carbon Fiber skinned Sandwich Core (CFSC) parts.

***Over the six tests shown above the average pull out strength was 2995.85 pounds. The stainless steel insert itself weighs a mere 29 grams (~1/16th of a pound). Tests were conducted by an independent lab.

***Dream developed stainless steel inserts within the first year of going into business (2003) because Off-The-Shelf (OTS) inserts for composites were found to be completely inadequate for high performance & high stiffness use. They would easily break through or, under smaller loads, would spin free within the sandwich core. Well before either of these occur the OTS insert would allow small-scale movement; a lack of stiffness.
***High stiffness usually brings with it extremely high strength, which explains why Dream's inserts have such extreme pull out strength. Dream's goal is unusually high stiffness, not so much high strength, since it is a telescope with fairly fragile optics, not a tank. Because Dream has always specialized in the use of sandwich core, developing our own inserts was one of many critical path items in achieving extremely high performance, like superb all-sky performance of the telescopes.
***The back of Dream's 24" telescope uses 12 inserts the size independently tested above. They secure the backplate to the telescope tube. The backplate holds the carbon fiber M1 support assembly and M1. For the 24" telescope this entire backplate assembly weighs less than 75 pounds, which includes the weight of the 24" Dream zeroDELTA engineered lightweight mirror.
***Like the carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core parts, all stainless steel inserts are designed and prouced in-house. Telescope systems are easy, if you haven't taken the time to truly learn them.

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