NEAF - April 2010 - two booths

The booth shows one of our 16" f3.75 Dream Astrographs on a Software Bisque Paramount ME. Only two 20 lb counterweights are needed on the polar shaft of the mount.

The Amazing All-Sky Performance Of This Specific Telescope

Each year we bring carbon fiber samples to show customers first hand the high stiffness and low mass of the advanced composites we produce in-house.

Our sister company, Dream Cellular, LLC, was adjacent to Dream Telescopes' booth. A brand new 24" optic was displayed. We picked up the generated 24" optic from Tony Marino at Advanced Glass Industries just one day before leaving for this trade show.

This new optic has 2.5x better performance than the original design we created five years ago, yet it is 25% lighter than the original design. Watch Dream Telescopes web site later this year as the first 24" f3.5 Dream Astrograph has first light. These instruments have no predessors, due to the optical design, efficiencies and performance of all components.

Now that Dream Cellular has been producing these engineered optics in-house, it is allowing the technology to be pushed even further. This 24.375" (physical OD) optic weighs only 28 pounds.

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