16" Dream Astrograph - featuring Dream's Filtered Air System Technology (FAST)

Like almost every Optical Support Structure (OSS) and sub structure Dream produces, carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core (CFSC) technology is used extensively. In fact, no other standard optical instrument in the world uses more CF and CFSC than Dream. We design and fabricate all composite parts in-house using vacuum bagging and one of Dream's composite ovens. The use of high temperature epoxy ensures higher performance in the parts.

 A raw 20" OD hybrid profile tube is shown below. Dream is at the leading edge in its use of sandwich core technology by using the thickest core feasible. The tube for the 16" Dream Astrograph has a wall thickness of just over 1". The few other companies that use sandwich core only use ~0.375" thick sandwich core in this size instrument.

~355 lbs is sitting on a raw 20" OD hybrid tube while it spans a gap of 52.0".

Dream Telescopes is the only company with such extensive knowledge of sandwich core and using such thick sandwich core in it's products. Review this simple chart to see the enormous stiffness gains by doing so, while producing a product with the highest stiffness to weight ratio, and extremely low CTE.

 "Within a temperature range of 10 degrees C we see no measurable change in focus. Also, there was no change in focus as a function of telescope position. All thanks to rigid carbon fiber."
- Michael Schwartz, Tenagra Observatories, 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph owner.

"I went to bed at about 10PM and I let it run all night without focusing. I blinked through the images and focus did not change. Also, I did all my other images by letting it run through the night without focusing."
- Mel Helm, Sierra Remote Observatories, March 20th, 2010

The telescope tube attaches to the Paramount ME, shown to the left, using Dream's 20.0" x 7.0" x 0.815" dovetail plate.


The image to the left shows Dream Telescopes' and Dream Cellular's booths at a trade show in April of 2010.  





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