20" OD carbon fiber sandwich core tube


Each tube has 9 internal, knife-edge baffles. These baffles were machined on Dream Cellular, LLC's 5'x10' CNC. The ID edge was cut at a 45 degree angle to produce the knife-edge.
Built for client's: 16" f5 IR Cassegrain
Tube OD: 20", Tube Length: 30.4"

Twelve custom-made threaded stainless steel (SS) inserts are used at each end of the tube, in the required locations per client. Six custom-made threaded SS inserts are on both flat sides of the tube, for attachment of Dream's 20" dovetail plate. There are also two custom-made threaded SS at each of the four spider vane attachment plate locations. In total there are 44 custom inserts in each tube.

Custom inserts are made in-house by Dream to fit the specific project, composite geometry and forces.

There are also two sets of custom made threaded stainless steel inserts at each of the four spider vane plate locations near the front, side of each tube. 

This is the same tube profile used on the Dream 16" f3.75 Astrograph.

The benefit of this profile is that Dream's 20" dovetail plate(s) is all that is needed to connect the telescope tube to a mount. Thus eliminating the drawbacks of rings. It also provides flat surfaces for auxiliary equipment.





pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice