samples to Denmark

Dream's carbon fiber skinned sandwich core strut to the right is 55.7" long, 4.0" wide and 1.1" thick. It is shown in the 3-point bend test under 195 pounds of "live" load.

The Dream strut weighs just 1.85 lbs!

This strut is a sample of the basic dimensions used for the upper truss of a 32" telescope. An upper truss assembly uses eight of these struts (trusses).

Stiffness is paramount for opto-mechanical systems.

Dream's CF/CFSC mirror mounts are achieving AND maintaining the surface of the mirror, as it moves during real-world use, to a fraction of a wavelength of light. This is an extreme mechanical requirement. When someone tries to sell you on the benefits of low stiffness, simplified mirror mounts and a lack of engineering & advanced composite product experience, run...

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