16" Dream Astrograph - featuring Dream's Filtered Air System Technology (FAST)


"Hands down you have absolutely the most visually-stunning astrograph on the Market. The word is "Drooling.""
Jim Fly - Catseye Collimation - August 12th, 2010

"Your telescopes are a work of art."
Don Goldman - Astrodon Imaging - August 18th, 2010



...The above telescope finished test out at 2am on August 21st, 2010.
...Click here to see some of the 249 full frame, 1x1 images (20+Mb each) that were taken during test out of the above telescope.
...All finished telescopes are thoroughly tested under the stars (real-life conditions) by Dream's owner, Shane Santi, prior to shipping.
...Click here to see full test out of another 16" Dream Astrograph.

o t h e r....D r e a m....A s t r o g r a p h....i n s t r u m e n t s

Click on the image above for images taken through an older model Dream Astrograph.

Click on the image above for raw FITS images taken through yet another 16" Dream Astrograph during test out here at Dream. Telescopes only ship out when they pass the thorough testing schedule.

Click on M81/M82 to the left to see images taken through yet a fourth (different) Dream Astrograph. 

Click on NGC6946/NGC6939 first light image above taken by Karel Teuwen in Belgium with his new Dream Astrograph. 





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