Test out of another 16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph - Filter Air System Technology (FAST)

...This page document the test out of yet another Dream Astrograph telescope. Dream's finished telescopes have always been thoroughly tested to ensure every component and the combined instrument function at the highest level, prior to shipping the telescope out. We do not use our customers as beta-testers. 249 full frame, 1x1 images were taken during test out of this unit alone (over 5Gb of data).
...These telescopes use consistent, advanced composite parts that have been produced at Dream since the company's inception in 2003. Almost every aspect of the telescope uses Dream's unique carbon fiber components to achieve ultimate performance. This telescope also uses cellular mirror technology.

...Collimation of this and all Dream Astrograph telescopes is achieved by using the custom tools during the day. No additional collimation routine is needed at night. Every effort has been made to thoroughly design this telescope and it's accessories so that it can be up and running quickly, then offer years of consistent, unchanging performance.


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"Your telescopes are a work of art."
Don Goldman - Astrodon Imaging - August 18th, 2010

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2336: zenith, OTA on east side of mount.
2378: south.
2381: west.
2384: north.
2386: north; OTA flipped to other side now.
2390: east-northeast.
2393: east-southeast.
2394: zenith, OTA on west side of mount.

The CCD used during test out was a KAI-11002 chip: 9 microns square, 4008 x 2672 (42mm diagonal).

The FITS files below illustrate all-sky performance after adding 5 and then 10 additional pounds to the back of the CCD camera.

Above images shows two 5 pound weights added to the CCD camera, quite a distance from telescope tube and not centered on the optical axis. A very demanding condition.

5 pounds added to back of camera:
2402: zenith, OTA on east side of mount.
2405: west.
2407: southwest-south.
2408: north.
2410: north; OTA flipped to other side now.
2418: east-northeast.
2419: zenith.
2421: southeast.

10 pounds added to back of camera:
2425: zenith, OTA on east side of mount.
2427: west.
2435: north.
2436: north; OTA flipped to other side now.
2438: east-northeast.
2440: zenith.
2443: east-southeast.

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