16" Dream Astrograph - filtered tube offering (16DAtube)

To the right is an image of the Crescent Nebula, taken by Mel Helm at SRO in California with a 16" Dream Astrograph. This was the original discovery image for Mel of this new object.

Click here to see the story of what this image caught while using a 16" Dream Astrograph.

 Click here to see an ABC posting of this object.

Toward the middle of July, 2009 this object was designated PN G75.5+1.7.

 Congratulations to Mel Helm and Keith Quattrocchi for getting an APOD November 13th, 2008.

Click the image below to see a higher resolution version. Be sure to look in the lower left corner for PN G75.5+1.7.

To the left is an image of M27 (Dumbbell Nebula), with a 16" Dream Astrograph.

The CCD chip is a 16803 (36mm x 36mm, 9 micron pixels).

RGB (no Luminance): 15-2.5m exposures per channel.

Click on any image to see an enlarged view.

To the right is a 90 minute exposure (nine, 10m exposures) in Ha of the Pelican.

This image was taken by Mel Helm at SRO in California with a 16" Dream Astrograph.

The image to the left is a single, short exposure taken during test-out while still here at Dream. Dream's owner, Shane Santi, personally tests each telescope prior to shipment. All of the images on this page were taken with the same telescope.

Click on the image to see a page with a high resolution jpg, as well as the raw (dark subtracted) file. Please feel free to download the files and examine the entire field in Photoshop at 400-500%. Other than a contrast adjustment, no other image processing has been done to the files.





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