32" Cassegrain - science/research

Dream was commissioned to do the initial design/CAD work for this 32" project. This included everything seen in the renderings, plus many items not seen on these pages because they are inside the dome and the container, like the mount and optical bench with the Coude focus spectrograph.

The project calls for eight remote/robotic facilities, like the one shown on this page, around the world. This would allow unique scientific abilities, namely the perpetual study of a given object due to four facilities spread across the northern hemisphere and four in the southern hemisphere.

The telescope is a 812.8mm/32.0" clear aperture Cassegrain that uses a f2.5 primary.

The Coude focus is f35, which ends at the optical bench housed inside and below the observatory area.

The carbon fiber telescope uses all-cellular mirrors. The 137.5mm/5.41" clear aperture secondary mirror will weigh approximately 264 grams.

The primary mirror will weigh approximately 85 lbs., while the two fold mirrors (M4 and M5) of 114mm/4.5" minor axis will weigh 238 grams each.

Click on the image below to see a 122mm/4.8" cellular blank that weighs 120 grams polished.

Because this facility will be utilized both day and night, it is extremely important for the optics to be able to reach equilbrium very quickly and then to continue following ambient temperatures to maximize resolution.

In addition to this requirement, the telescope will also be used for Lucky Imaging, which puts enormous demands on the optics.

The carbon fiber sandwich core hybrid dome, dome shutters and fixed, short observatory louvered walls will resist corrosion, will thermally insulate during day time hours (if desired: not applicable if daytime solar work is planned), have a very low mass and very low CTE and will be much easier to install at the planned mountaintop installations than other traditionally used materials. These advanced materials will also experience almost no fatigue from thermal cycling and will hold their tolerances due to this and strength/stiffness to weight ratios. All of these advanced composite structures will require less power to operate as well, which is one of many driving factors of this project.

You can see a sample arch segment below.

The dome includes a main hoist, weather station, solar panels, battery, actuated slit doors and a blue-sky window for indirect solar work.

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