samples to Denmark

The above arch section is 4 feet in diameter, 12.625" wide, 0.71" thick and weighs 6.8 lbs. This sample was created as a 1/4 scale of a ~5m hybrid dome design one customer is evaluating. The final product would be 2.1" thick, due to a thicker sandwich core, but would have the same skin thickness as this sample.

The photo to the left shows the above arch being exposed to 240 lbs of load.

Although this customer needs the functionality of a dome, this basic arch could be utilized for roll-offs, clam shells and numerous other designs.

There is nothing holding the lower ends of the arch in place. It was simply placed on this oven's steel floor.

The sample section can be held with three fingers.

As with all of Dream's composites they are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and immune to moisture problems.

It's low mass also means easier, faster and less expensive installation on mountaintops.


A view showing the depth of the section.

Because of it's extremely low CTE, it also exhibits excellent stability, both as a structure (holding it's shape) and in terms of fatigue (thermal cycling).

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