16" Dream Astrograph - filtered tube (16DAtube)

Three months of exhaustive design iterations using FEA went into the Dream Cellular, LLC's 16" cellular primary mirror. It is 2.2" tall and weighs only 13 lbs. The 16" Dream Astrographs include all-cellular mirrors.

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This telescope includes a 5.75" (minor axis) cellular secondary mirror that offers 100% illumination of 37mm x 37mm CCD chips. These cellular mirrors were designed in-house. A monolithic 5.5" secondary weighs 3.7 lbs. The 5.75" cellular weighs ~1.4 lbs. It is the "little brother" of the 7.75" cellular secondary, used on the 24" f3.5 Dream Astrograph.

All of these primaries will be premarked with a centered Catseye (center hole) triangle. To learn more about the 3" custom Catseye tools that have been developed specifically for these Dream Astrographs, click on the image to the left.





pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice