16" Dream Astrograph - engineered, lightweight primary mirror

Dream spent three months going through design iterations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for this first generation 16" lightweight mirror.

To the right is the FEA of this engineered cellular primary mirror for polishing.

The maximum displacement is 7.08nm, which is 0.01287 P-V (1/78th wave at 550nm) at the surface. RMS is 5.06nm, which is 0.00920 P-V (1/109th wave) at the surface.

Click on the image below to see more photographs of this first generation 16" cellular primary mirrors. 

Dream Cellular, LLC models and evaluates their engineered lightweight mirror blanks for both polishing displacements (movements that occur while the optician is working it) and for gravity displacements (what it will do in the telescope/actual use).

To the left is a FEA model for the gravity displacement (the most demanding case) of the engineered lightweight mirror.

The maximum displacement is 15.35nm, which is 0.02791 P-V (1/36th wave at 550nm) at the surface. RMS is 10.15nm, which is 0.01845 P-V (1/54th wave) at the surface.





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