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Modern Optical Metrology

Free Space Optical Communication Ground Stations: Telescopes, Tracking Mounts & Enclosures

Using Dream's zeroDELTA engineered lightweight mirrors & extensive CFSC structures.

For the past 15 years Dream has engineered & produced products designed from the ground up for remote & robotic use, with industry-leading;

* lowest maintenance & cleaning schedule,
* athermal telescopes with outstanding thermal performance & consistency,
* highest stiffness-to-weight ratio for outstanding mechanical performance,
* best focal plane performance (resolution); Dream deals directly with mirror-seeing, mass & stiffness,
* best pointing & tracking performance with no settle time required, 
* robust and lightweight instruments that require smaller mounts,
* CFSC with extremely low CTE; enclosures maintain shape for daytime use & won't tear apart,
* for use in the hottest deserts to the coldest tundras.

They are ideal for slewing to a satellite quickly, tracking it consistently, then slewing to the next. Over and over again. The highest total system performance day after day, season after season & year after year. No other company in the world has Dream's technologies or can offer this level of long-term performance.

"Your company does phenomenal work. There is a lot of thought and heart that goes into your products. Dream's engineering sets their lightweight mirrors apart from competitors. Your engineering goes beyond the lightweight aspect. You focus on actual performance!"

- Ted Kamprath: 39 years in professional optics, using everything from million dollar test rooms to 144" Continuous Polishers.



Print through FEA: design iteration 7 (left - 58nm) versus the final iteration; 23rd (right - under 5nm).

January 5th, 2018 

Click above to see amazing videos and the quality of a recently finished 20" primary mirror.

Below is an example of a custom Dream 610mm (CA) R-C Cassegrain

currently used by NASA for Optical Communications/LaserCom.

 lightweight optical communication

This page has information about the engineered zeroDELTAlightweight mirrors used in all Dream instruments.


This page has information about Dream's lightweight opto-mechanical instruments that use carbon fiber & CFSC extensively.


Since 2003 - design and fabrication of;
* advanced lightweight structures
lightweight mirrors
* full instruments.

From optical design to finished product.

Dream circa 2005: 3 year old composite expert



Performance Doesn't Fear Change. It Defies The Status Quo.

Dream can produce full instruments ranging from f2.0 to f20+, from UV to LWIR. Click here to see our standard line of lightweight, extremely high performance R-C telescopes or Contact Dream to discuss your project's custom requirements.

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