Dream has been engineering lightweight mirrors and producing its own athermal carbon fiber telescope structures, including athermal carbon fiber mirror mounts, since 2003.

- Nazareth, PA -



32"(CA) f4.2 Dream Ritchey-Chrétien Cassegrain

This extremely efficient, powerful and high-performance Dream R-C telescope comes with a purpose-built 2-lens field flattener for superb full-field correction and 100% illumination of the Andor iKon-XL 231 camera listed below, over a nearly 90mm field diameter.

This cutting edge telescope features;
- Dream's zeroDELTA engineered lightweight mirrors for both M1 & M2, with no print through.
- Dream's engineered carbon fiber (CF) and CF skinned sandwich core components, producing an ***athermal telescope: 95% of the structure weight is Dream's carbon fiber with only 5% conventional metals - ***settingetheestandard for truly carbon fiber telescopes.
- Dream's FAST: Filtered Air System Technology: fills the telescope with clean air, providing the lowest ***possibletmaintenancetbecause it keeps optical coatings clean, requiring both less cleanings and fewer re-coats, ***astwelltastthetshortest possible Thermal Time Constant.

1.05 square degree field000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Lighter - Stiffer - Faster: Higher Throughput & Performance

telescope diameter

telescope length

focal length

back focus distance



3430mm - f4.2

allows use of filter wheels
Catalina Sky Survey Pan-STARRS LINEAR Spacewatch

Baffle Obscuration

Field Flattener

weight - pounds

telescope price

14.76" (46%)





pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice

Both M1 and M2 are engineered, lightweight mirrors, finished based on high-resolution interferometry data from vertically-tested mirrors, while each mirror is in its final carbon fiber athermal mirror mount. Raw data is provided to the customer.
NASA Near-Earth Object Search Program

The camera achieves -100°C cooling without the hassle of LN or cryo-cooling.
Superb Optical Performance - detector has 15µ pixels
***80% encircled energy Ø on-axis: 3.262µ
***80% encircled energy Ø extreme off-axis: 7.208µ

Field Of View using Andor iKon-XL 231 camera with back-thinned 61.4mm x 61.4mm CCD detector (CCD231-84):

15 micron pixels, 4096 x 4096

field of view


61.5' x 61.5' (1.05 square degrees)


Contact Dream for package pricing of telescope, camera and mount, or to learn more about any aspect of this powerful combination. This telescope is optimized for 400-750nm but can be quickly optimized for a different waveband.

Dream also has numerous additional designs; as fast as f2.4, for detectors up to 95mm x 95mm and apertures up to 1 meter. Contact Dream to discuss your needs.

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