Rocketry: CF & CFSCAir Frames, Fins, Bulkheads, Etc.,

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Since 2003 Dream has specialized in the design and in-house fabrication of carbon fiber and CFSC for the incredibly demanding tolerances of opto-mechanical systems. This extreme application and 16 years of experience designing & fabricating advanced composites in-house has made Dream sought after by bio-medical, UAV, as well as other applications where low weight, higher performance and extreme consistency are paramount. Dream lives in the details because that is where performance originates.
payload to space, lightweight rocket
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Dream's CF and CFSC parts and assemblies offer:
***- Ultimate in highest stiffness & strength to weight ratio due to Dream specializing in CFSC™ from day one, using thick core.
***- Low Coeffcient of Thermal Expansion (CTE).
***- Extremely rugged, making them ideal for systems meant to be reusable.*
***- Dream has experience with high-temperature applications with its advanced composites. Contact Dream to discuss.*
***- Largest composite oven can handle up to ~1.5 meter Ø by 3.35 meter long tube sections at one time.
***- Industry-leading Dream stainless steel inserts with unusually high performance, while also being low mass.*
***- Intelligent modern designs, implementation and technologies that provide truly cutting-edge total performance at SmallSpace pricing.
sounding rocket

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These three (of five) sections for a rocketry client illustrate Dream's expertise with CFSC™, reinforcing thru holes & tube ends, unique pin & socket design feature between tube sections, as well as the ability to work with the customer during the design process and provide sections that accurately match the drawing/CAD model.


Numerous reinforced thru holes of different sizes, two different sizes of threaded inserts and a pin & socket arrangement that allows this and the mating section to register/lock to each other, while aligning the sections OD.


This air frame section alone had 50 inserts; reinforced thru holes of four different sizes, plus threaded inserts of two different sizes/tpi.


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