2014: Dream is proud to add even more skill and expertise to our team.

* We now have a seasoned mechanical engineer (ME) that recently left aerospace giant Boeing. Their extensive FEA expertise of solid laminate carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core ranges from programs such as the Apache and Osprey, to the F22 and most recently the 787 Dreamliner. They have a BS in ME and a MS in ME & Computational Mechanics. Their knowledge and experience in analysis and manufacturing techniques of composite and hybrid structures will be fully utilized at Dream.

* We have added a composites technician. They have experience operating CNC equipment, including writing G-code, preparing, cutting and processing composites, as well as holding three certifications:
_____Certified Composites Technician - Open Molding
_____Certified Composites Technician - Vacuum Infusion Process
_____Certified Composites Technician - Light Resin Transfer Molding

* We have also added an optical engineer (OE) that has 30+ years of experience in defense related research and development of optical systems. From optical design, to baffling and tolerancing, as well as manufacturing analysis. They have a BS in mathematics, MS in physics and PhD in optics. Their core competency is with faster optical systems, including IR-based systems. This fits Dream's core business and with the future of optics.

pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice