Dream Astrograph - 16"

Shown left is Dream's proprietary monolithic carbon fiber/sandwich cored Optical Tube Assembly.

The main carbon fiber structure weighs 23.4 lbs and is 56" x 19.25".

All carbon fiber components are produced in-house. Dream specializes in high temp epoxy, cured in one of our two large ovens. The largest oven is ~430 cubic feet (6' x 12' x 6' interior space, controllable to +/-1F).

OEM inquiries welcome.

Click here to see the 16" inside a dome.

The optical bevel and outer edge of the secondary mirror have been blackened.

A template is provided with each truss OTA to facilitate proper alignment of the focuser.

Four holes on the top ring allow for off-axis solar work. A cam-shaped optional component will be offered soon. This will allow a solar filter to be held between spider vanes, with the cam-shape shadowing Sunlight on the camera.

Either the four holes in the top ring or the four holes near the apex of each truss assembly allow for lightweight counterweights to be added.

The bottom of the OTA, at the apex of the lower trusses, also has a hole for mounting counterweights.

The OTA shown required no counterweights (front to back on the OTA itself, not in relation to the Paramount ME's counterweights) because the OTA was designed from the ground up with this particular camera in mind (4.0 lbs without filters).

Note the two counterweights on the standard Paramount ME counterweight shaft. Each are 20 lbs and come standard with the Paramount ME.

OTA installed on a Paramount ME.

The 16" OTA fits inside a 10' dome.

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