8" f12 Maksutov-Cassegrain


OTA as shown weighs 16.6 lbs. A metal version of this telescope weighs 27.4 lbs.

It is 9.5" OD and includes two low noise & low vibration cooling fans on the rear cell. Just behind the corrector are intake holes that allow the entire volume of air inside the OTA to be cooled down.

A rear view showing the two fans, focuser knob, collimation screws and power input for the fans. These can be run on either AC or a cigarette plug, both are available at any Radio Shack, making replacement readily availabe.

The 2" focuser is shown with a 1-1/4" adaptor. This focuser can be unthreaded off, leaving a common 2" threaded SCT connection for imaging.

An inner view of the primary mirror cell/back plate of the OTA. Note the recessed edge that prevents light leaks at the back of the telescope. The front corrector uses the same principal and again maximizes contrast by ellimating all stray light.

If the fans ever need replaced, they can be taken out. Electronic equipment used for astronomical purposes is notoriously prone to problems like this. Every effort is made to allow for replacement of parts without the need for great effort or expense.

A closer view of the front. Note how black the edge of the corrector is. Every effort was made to maximize contrast, which include five double edged baffle rings on the inside of the OTA. These are knife edge baffles.

You can see one of the air intake holes as well. These can be covered by the dew shield or left open while the fans are on. Conventional thick filter material is not used because it nulifies the use of the fans altogether. Once the optics are equalized the dew shield can be rotated to close off these air inlets.