4" Astrodon Off-Axis-Guider designed specifically to connect directly to the Dream custom 4" coma correctors.

The 4" Off-Axis-Guider (OAG) was custom designed to connect directly with Dream's custom 4" coma corrector. It has a narrow profile and connects to the dovetail portion of the custom 4" coma corrector. This unit will allow guiding prior to the filters.

You can read more about the custom 4" coma corrector with 82mm of back focus by clicking below.


This OAG unit is meant to function with systems as fast as f3.5 and CCD chips as large as 36mm square.

This Off-Axis-Guider is designed to connect to most filter wheels, through the use of a 3"-24 adaptor, which is shown near the top of the above photo. The photo to the right shows the side of the OAG that connects to a filter wheel.

The OD of the main body is 5.4". The thickness is 1.25" for the main body. The unit, as shown to the right, weighs 1.61 lbs.

Other adaptors can be made to allow connection with other devices.

Click the small image to the left to see images taken while using the custom 4" coma corrector and 4" OAG in March, 2010.

Dream designed the housing of the custom 4" coma corrector and worked with the manufacturer of the OAG unit specifically to minimize back focus. Almost 0.25" (6mm) is saved by using the dovetail Dream has designed.

The custom 4" coma corrector and 4" OAG are shown with the LodeStar autoguider. It weighs only 74 grams. 



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