electronic's module for 10' UAV

This 8" outside diameter, 27" long carbon fiber sandwich cored tube is a prototype electronic's module for a 10' UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle). This tube will slide into a recess in the UAV.

This end of the tube has an inner air chamber that needs to be helium (leak) proof.

The inner air chamber is only 3.25" deep and has carbon fiber ribbing between the two carbon fiber bulkheads.

The chamber also has an innerliner of aluminum.

The main cavity in the tube will be filled with the electronics.


The ends of the tube need to be water tight so that water landings do not destroy the electronics inside.

This client worked with Dream in the design of an o-ring press fit cap that allows fast removal of the caps, as opposed to bolts.

The custom o-ring can be seen on this end's cap.

The customer will also be testing this all carbon fiber enclosure to see if it can concurrently act as a Faraday Cage.




pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice