40" Dream Telescope & Facility

Dream developed a 40" Prime Focus Telescope and facility for The Madawaska Highlands Observatory (MHO).

Dream completed the initial design of the Prime Focus Corrector (PFC), then did a detailed analysis phase after creating the initial design.

This 40" f2.4 corrected prime focus system will hold a very unique place in the world.

It will use the world's largest single chip CCD camera: 95mm x 95mm. The back-thinned chip boasts a QE greater than 90% and with 16 read ports can download the 111.7Mp image within 2s. No, this isn't a typo.

Cooling to -100C creates only 2 electrons of noise per 60 minutes of exposure time, therefore iliminating the need and loss of throughput associated with dark frames.

You can learn much more about this powerful telescope on their dedicated web site.

Be sure to view the CAD animation .

As with all Dream products, carbon fiber skinned sandwich core is used extensively. This gives not only the telescope sub components and structure great thermal stability, stiffness and low mass, but also the enclosure as well. This will give the facility unrivaled stability through seasons and over time because of the material's inherent ability to hold tolerances.

These advanced materials will resist corrosion and will experience almost no fatigue from thermal cycling. All of these advanced composite structures will require less power to operate as well, due to their far lower masses, which is one of many driving factors for this project.

The carbon fiber telescope uses a cellular primary mirror that will be cast in-house.

The primary mirror will weigh less than 150 lbs., but will be greater than 5.5" thick.

1m telescope, 40" telescope, 40" primary mirror, 40" mirror, 1m mirror

The rendering to the left shows the Calotte viewport closed and in the observatory's park position (day time).

The enclosure has a host of unique features that minimize its thermal footprint.

m mirror

Click below to see views of the telescope.

The entire observatory will initially be installed and tested at Dream. Extensive and additive testing of all components will be carried out, prior to Dream transporting all components to MHO's very dark final location (6 hours north of Dream). By testing each installed component and eventually first light image testing here at Dream, installation time at MHO's site can be greatly deminished.



pricing, availability and specifications subject to change without notice