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The images on this page show the cellular primary for the 24" f3.5 Dream Astrograph.

 Click on the image to the left to see larger views of this optic.

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Dream Astrograph - 24" custom cellular primary, designed by Dream Telescopes & Accessories, Inc.

The finished mirrors will weigh 35.0 lbs. A solid optic of the same dimensions and focal ratio would weigh 129.5 lbs.

The 24" f3.5 Dream Astrograph will weigh less than 120 lbs., which includes the new 4" Dream PDF focuser with stainless steel drive screws and 3" coma corrector.

The CAD rendering to the left shows Dream's design for this cellular optic.
lightweight telescope
cellular optics

Click the image below to see the 24" Dream Astrograph. 


A photograph of the first 24" cellular primary is shown to the right. This is a back view showing the ribs, similar to the CAD view above.

The first 7.75" secondary mirrors have arrived at Dream. Click below to see more images.


Dream is combining the benefits of aerospace composites (specifically those that employ specific types of carbon fiber skins over a sandwich core) in the telescope structure with all-cellular mirrors.

Such telescopes require lower payload mounts. Mounts that are substantially less expensive in: initial cost, shipping cost, installation costs, maintenance, etc.. The 24" Dream Astrograph, for example, can be carried by the Paramount ME German Equatorial Mount. 

The thermal benefits of lighter, stiffer systems are enormous.

Click below to see a chart illustrating the advantages of open-backed cellular optics.





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