Dream designs, engineerings and produces carbon fiber parts and finished assemblies, as well as engineered lightweight mirrors. Both of Dream's main technologies are produced in-house in Nazareth, Pennsylvania (USA).

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Carbon Fiber Structures:
- Design, Engineering (FEM/FEA) and Production
- Specializing in Low-Void Carbon Fiber (CF) and Carbon Fiber skinned Sandwich Core (CFSC) Parts, Sub-Assemblies & Main Structures (largest composite oven is 6' x 12' x 6')
- Vacuum-Bagged & Oven-Baked Parts Using High-Temperture Epoxy
- Almost Entirely Carbon Fiber Telescopes, Using Stainless Steel Inserts & Hardware For The Greatest Performance & Longevity


Optical - Mirrors & Lenses:
- Optical Design, Engineering (Zemax) and Tolerancing
- Engineered Lightweight Mirrors (25mm to 1150mm)
- Finished & Coated Mirrors & Lenses
- Mounted Mirrors & Lenses: Finished Correctors & Telescopes 
- Capability To Design, Engineer & Produce Custom Full Telescopes, Including Corrective Lenses, Including Athermal Telescopes

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Dream can design, analyze and produce a wide range of optical systems, from numerous forms of Cassegrains to corrected Newtonians to wide field 1m Prime Focus Telescopes. Our lead optical engineer has 35 years of both design and implementation experience, especially with fast & demanding optical systems. Dream's technologies enable our customers to get the most out of their high performance systems by using truly modern materials, techniques and designs. This can include the use of carbon fiber lens barrels and internal spacers for improved dynamic temperature performance of corrective optics.

Finished instruments have the lowest possible maintenance due to Dream's unique technologies. They are low in total mass, have an extremely low CTE, are corrosion resistant and have a higher stiffness (and strength) to weight ratio than conventional materials. They are designed from the ground up for remote/robotic use. Because of their near zero maintenance they are ideal for science, education and numerous other applications.

Dream works in the UV, visual, NIR, Mid to Far IR. Used for; lasercom, LIDAR, AO, astmospheric research, surveys, discoveries, airborne, balloon-borne, optical systems used in demanding thermal environments, etc.

Customers using Dream's technologies: US Air Force, NASA, Raytheon, numerous government R&D labs, Universities, Professionals, as well as numerous OEM's, for world-wide customers. Dream is currently registered with DOD & DOE customers, as well as sam.gov.

Dream's 7000 sq ft facility

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See a Dream engineered lightweight mirror in person:
- August 8-10, SPIE Optics and Photonics, booth 8548
- September 19-20, OSA Frontiers in Optics, booth 314
- October 17-19, SPIE Optifab, booth 212

Schedule a visit to Dream to see the advantages offered by modern materials, designs and optimized methods of fabrication, specifically created for the tight tolerances of opto-mechanical systems. 

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