NASA NEO project

Dream's 7000 sq ft facility

14.5" Cassegrain optical sets in stock.

Can be finished to CC, D-K, R-C or modified Cassegrain designs.

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16" f2 IR carbon fiber telescope with gold-coated lightweight mirrors.

Read the article about a Dream 9.5 pound engineered, lightweight 16" f1.376 mirror used for a cutting-edge Adaptive Optics project.

Dream is an advanced composites and engineered lightweight mirrors company that specializes in high stiffness, high performance products for demanding opto-mechanical applications. Dream designs, engineers (including FEM/FEA) and fabricates dedicated mirror mounts, backplates, telescope tubes, and more using carbon fiber and carbon fiber skinned sandwich core technology, produced in-house (Pennsylvania, USA) and baked in one of Dream's ovens.

Since 2003 Dream has been specializing in solutions for our customers. Our expertise in unique carbon fibers, sandwich cores, epoxies and fabrication techniques allow us to produce products with exceptional performance, as well as part-to-part consistency. Place your company at the top of your market by using Dream's advanced composites.

NASA Near-Earth Object Search Program

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Dream can design and analyze a wide range of optical systems, from numerous forms of Cassegrains to corrected Newtonians to wide field 1m Prime Focus Telescopes. Our lead optical engineer has 35 years of both design and implementation experience, especially with fast & demanding optical systems. Dream's technologies enable our customers to get the most out of their high performance systems.

Finished instruments have the lowest possible maintenance due to Dream's unique technologies. They have an extremely low CTE, are corrosion resistant and have a higher stiffness (and strength) to weight ratio than conventional materials. They are designed from the ground up for remote/robotic use; controlled and programmed through the Internet. Because of their near zero maintenance they are also ideal for educational use.

Specific raw goods can be chosen for high modulus, high strength or both. As well as tailored CTE's. Dream works with many types of raw fibers and sandwich core. The underlying goal is always to produce the stiffest overall opto-mechanical structure possible, while also being as athermal as possible. The latter has far-reaching ramifications; focus & benefits for mirror mounts. Dream's optimization of materials allows for the utmost in performance, making Dream solely unique in the world.

Dream works in the UV, visual, NIR, Mid to Far IR. Used for; lasercom, LIDAR, AO, astmospheric research, surveys, discoveries, etc.

Dream services: Government, Universities, Schools and Professionals and wholesale (OEM) orders for world-wide customers. Dream is currently registered with DOD & DOE customers, as well as



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